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Продвижение бизнеса в интернете
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Marketing in the Digital World.

Digital Marketing for your Business

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Order business promotion on the Internet, SMM promotion in social networks, Google Yandex contextual advertising, SEO-Promotion SEO-Optimization, Website development, Graphic design, Content production, photo and video shooting, Promotion on marketplaces

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contextual advertising on the Internet
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Get target customers from the world’s most popular search engines.

Contextual advertising is a source of “right here, right now” requests.
contextual advertising in google and yandex

Google and Yandex ads involve a high speed of decision-making, which means there is more competition for your money. When a customer is in a hurry, contextual advertising is their go-to solution.

As a result, products with a short transaction cycle are highly sought after. Contextual advertising is different from other types of advertising because it doesn’t require as much work, brings better results, and has a floating cost because of the auction.

Contextual advertising relies heavily on the selling page – the website where people can buy things.

Pay Per Click Ads help attract hot leads who have an immediate need. It works more efficiently than the other traffic channels:
If you are unsure how to improve your contextual advertising, request a full audit of your advertising account by clicking the button below.
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Продвижение в социальных сетях


500 million people actively use Instagram every day.

Boost you Social Media Marketing.

For businesses, social media marketing is a game-changer. As long as you have a product and an account ready to go, you may start making money on social networks within the first few hours after being live. We work with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Vk.com, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

The Instagram advertising revenue was estimated to be around 26 billion dollars in 2021. Even a novice entrepreneur should expect to receive between 20 and 100 requests a day from social media marketing with a well-configured sales funnel.

With proper design, storytelling, and targeted Instagram ads, business owners enhance their sales and brand exposure:
Learn more about SMM here if you are looking to improve your revenues swiftly and exponentially.

Is it realistic to expect your business to double its customer flow in just seven days? – Request a full audit of your business and market potential by clicking the button below.
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сео оптимизация сайта
seo website optimization


More than 3.5 billion Google searches are conducted every day. 76% of all global searches take place on Google.

Get requests from the search engines without paying for ads.

SEO promotion

To get a steady flow of requests from Google and Yandex, you can take a lot of steps to make your website more visible to people looking for what you offer. With SEO, customers are more likely to trust a business they find via search engine results instead of traditional advertising.

Taking the right steps to improve search results increases the number of requests for businesses like online stores and service providers, where there is already a lot of demand.

With SEO, other businesses may significantly increase the number of requests they receive by focusing on specific search queries:
If you are already familiar with SEO, check out our SEO approach here.

Will your company be able to improve its visibility based on the previous experience? – Request a full audit of your business and market potential by clicking the button below.
 promote your business in search results
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лендинг пейдж продающая страница
web master selling websites
web design selling website
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We create websites that will help your business thrive.

Currently, 2 billion new websites go live each year worldwide.
creating a landing page for business

The number of requests you receive from website visitors depends on how good your landing page is. If you want customers to buy from you, you need a well-designed offer that addresses all of their questions before they make a purchase.

To considerably raise the conversion rate of requests, it is vital to STAND OUT among the competition.

A high-quality website structure that answers all of the client’s inquiries generates revenue and improves the company’s image:
If you’ve tried updating your website many times and it hasn’t worked, we offer you to learn more about our strategy and the tools we use to develop websites by clicking here.

Is it possible for your company to increase the number of requests and reduce the cost by improving the website? – Request a full audit of your business and market potential by clicking the button below.

web design
we create websites for small and medium businesses
лендинг пейдж
creative graphic designer
дизайнер для малого бизнеса
design for advertising


Adding extra value to your product may be as simple as packing it well.
The design by experts stands out among the countless replicas of the identical designs on CANVA.
graphic design for business
In the era of clip thinking, the WOW impact and the company’s image are created by the distinctive design, which stands out against the backdrop of rivals. After all, this is the first thing customers see when they come across your offer.

Commercial offers, presentations, and corporate brand and identity all impact the company’s income and internal marketing.

If you’ve tried changing your designer on freelancer websites with little success, we encourage you to fill out a request and learn more about our design approach and the tools we use by clicking here.

canva crello design
 content creation for smm
создание контента
photo and video shooting for business
business content


Showcase your products in the most flattering light and add a dash of flair to your company voice.

Content marketing makes you customers’ best friends
content for social networks
With the advent of TikTok, it is no longer news that the world is shifting toward visual marketing; video and images impact more organs of perception than words or a picture. As a business card, an image or commercial photo/video may explain a lot more about your product than tons of texts and pictures.

We establish the groundwork for incredible loyalty, help you stand out from the crowd, and share corporate values.

We use professional equipment and lighting, screenwriters, and thorough filming preparation to deliver high-quality results:

 photography for business
content marketing
marketplace design
маркетплейс дизайн
Promotion of kaspi jusan forte market
 amazon aliexpress ebay promotion
 Promotion of wildberries ozon Yandex market


Full-cycle marketing: from product cards to partner programs.

Promotion on marketplaces

We boost marketplace sales, optimize SKUs and increasing their visibility. We support advertising inside and outside of marketplaces.

With our support, suppliers and producers may get their items in front of customers on the marketplaces.

We work on proper positioning and successful sales.

We work with Wildberries, OZON, Yandex.Market, Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay, Kaspi and other platforms.

marketplace marketing
Promotion on marketplaces vaidberis ozone caspi amazon aliexpress zhusan
product card design on the marketplace
Find out how your items are doing on the various marketplaces for free. Request a full audit by clicking the button below.

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Marketing services for small and medium businesses.

Get your uninterrupted flow of customers from the Internet. Guaranteed.